How To Start Potty Training 20 Month Old Girl

Housetraining in less than a day recommends a book, I have heard many women, including my mother-in-law. I am currently potty training my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years (boys are harder to the bathroom, they told me). When he was 18 months, I bought a pot Chair. I sit, shop-toys, etc and finally to about 2 years, she is interested in the it enter. Whenever I went to the toilet in the bathroom, she wears a label. Worse, be it chocolate (you decide the price - perhaps 3 M & Ms at the beginning). Make your child in small underwear (Johanna) not during the day to walk. Waiting for you accidents. It is a trite movie. You have how to start potty training 20 month old girl a friend-pot-training, she came to encourage (my DD helped a lot because he saw his cousin, also wanted). It needs on the toilet, that remember every 5 to 10 minutes. Applauds and upset if it goes, and I'll also tell you if it is not, but at least sit on the pot. I give them a lot of drink (juice and water), so that if you need to go often, learn what you feel when you got to the toilet. Create a reward system (simple is best-3 would be where. stickers after many stickers to prepare for a chart, there is something special is like a trip to the park or reading a book extra night or McDonald's or something). But can you rewards and slowly ceases to be. My DD has done a good job goes to the toilet, but they nevertheless incidents (as defecating in her panties last night and in the toilet to urinate when I said that a gang to the toilet million times). Expect changes from one day to the next. And don't expect that it should go to the bathroom right away either. It's a learning process and, .